Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How to Sniff All Images of a Webpage

In case we want to sniff all images of a webpage, here is a detailed process how we can do it with Colasoft Packet Sniffer’s "Logs" feature. I will take the CNN.com home page as an example.

Step 1. Open Log Settings

Log settings allows us to set up some conditions or exceptions whether or not record some logs in the Logs tab. If we want to display just images in the Logs tab, we must enable the HTTP Log conditions.

How to Sniff Images Screenshot 1

Step 2. Enable Http Log Conditions

We must tick before Conditions to enable it

How to Sniff Images Screenshot 2

Step 3. Input "Image" into Content Type

On the right hand, lets’ input the content type in order to filter contents

How to Sniffer Images Screenshot 3

Here is an explanation of Content Type

How to Sniff Images Screeshot 4

Step 4. "OK" to Activate the Setting

Now we’ve done with the Log Settings, let’s see whether we can sniff all images of CNN.com index page. First of all, let’s start capturing with Colasoft Packet Sniffer, then let’s input the URL into the address bar and start browsing.

Results start showing in the Logs Tab – Http Request Option, we can see all results are in image formats. We have successfully sniffed all the images on this webpage.

How to Sniff Images Screeshot 5

To view the image, we can click on the record, and it will be shown in a browser.

How to Sniff Images Screenshot 6

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