Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How to Detect Email Worm with Colasoft Packet Sniffer

What Is an Email Worm
In networking, an email worm is a computer worm which can copy itself to the shared folder in system. And it will keep sending infected emails to stochastic email addresses. In this way, it spreads fast via SMTP mail servers.

What Is the Harm of Email Worm

An email worm can send lots of infected emails in a very short time and it will never stop unless it’s removed. It will cause a large traffic and make the system go slowly. Sometimes it even makes the mail server crash.

How to Detect Email Worm

If you are suspicious some host in your network is infected with an email worm, here is a process how we can detect email worm" in network with Colasoft Packet Sniffer, step by step.

>Step1. Download a free trial and deploy it properly.

>Step2. Launch a Project and Start Capturing Some Traffic.

>Step3. Switch to “Diagnosis” Tab

Diagnosis tab is a view we can see all the network issues automatically detected by Colasoft Packet Sniffer, also some causes and solutions are suggested.

Diagnosis Tab Screenshot

If there is a host infected with an email worm, we should be able to see SMTP events in the application layer like this:

SMTP Events in Application Layer

>Step4. Locate the Source IP

Possibly the source IP is the host infected with an email worm as it is sending too many emails in a short period of time with SMTP. So let’s locate the source IP in the “Explorer” with the “Locate” shortcut in the right-click menu.

Locate Source IP

>Step5. Switch to “Logs” Tab

Check if the host is sending emails to a large number of recipients in a very short period of time. If so, we can determine the host is infected with an email worm and should be handled immediately. We should be able to see logs in the Tab like this:

View Email Logs in "Logs" Tab

No doubt the final step is to isolate the host and kill the email worm with some AV software

Also there will be some other process to detect email worm with Colasoft Packet Sniffer, this is the shortest one.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

14 Tips to Protect Your Organization's Network

Colasoft Network Analyzer

Network security is an infinitely complex and dynamic subject, implementing these simple measures will go a long way to protecting your Organization's LAN.

1, Run Network Analyzer Frequently.Recommend an easy-to-use network analyzer, Colasoft Capsa.

2, Disable drives:Disable floppy drive access, USB ports and serial ports on networked computers.

3, Restrict Permissions: Windows 2000 and 2003 server allow you to set permissions so that users can't run downloaded 'exe' or other executable files.

4, Block Instant Messenger:IM and its cousins, ICQ and Yahoo Messenger, sends messages and attachments out to a server and then back to its clients. You lose control when this happens.

5, Password Protect Your BIOS:A BIOS without an administrator password is an invitation to mischief.

6, Run AV Software: Run anti-virus software on all your computers.

7, Build Your Defenses: Install a firewall or a proxy server.

8, Beware Of Attachments From Unknown, Untrusted Sources:Do not open attachments to email unless you trust the sender.

9, Monitor Your Ports:Install a port monitor to prevent your ports from being scanned.

10, Encrypt Wireless Access.

11, Keep Back Office Systems Off The Organization Network

12, Require passwords to be changed frequently

13, Use CTRL+ALT+DEL to logon

14, Keep your networking skills up to date.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

How to detect the network malfunction via the end-point view with Colasoft Packet Sniffer

Brief introduction about the Endpoint view in Colasoft Packet Sniffer

It is divided into Mac endpoint and IP endpoint in Colasoft 6.9. Users can detect the IP/Mac endpoint in the largest traffic in a short time by the endpoint analytics. And also, The system supply clear statistics of traffic ranking(Top 5 IP endpoint under HTTP protocol).

In the Endpoint view, we can see the specific traffic situation clearly of all the hosts(Including a network segment, a Mac address, and a IP address) in the currently network. Like the hosts with the largest total traffic, hosts that send/receive the largest traffic, hosts that send/receive the most packets, etc.

According to this information, we can confirm that if there are Broadcast / multicast storm, and help users detecting the network malfunctions about network slow, network disconnect, worm attack, DOS attack, and all the malfunctions besides.

Application case study Once we meet the network malfunction or attack, what the most important thing we should pay attention to, is the currently total network traffic, sent/received traffic, network connection etc, to get a clear direction to find the problem. And, all of this information are included in the endpoint view in Colasoft Packet Sniffer 6.9(figure 1):

In figure 1 we can make a compositor on the total traffic, network connection and other related information, to find and locate the host with largest traffic or most connections in the network. For example, at present, the host with the largest network connection is , we can locate the host, then check the related connection information(figure 2):

The connection information shown as the figure 2, we can know that has set up a large amount of TCP connection with other hosts, and the destination address and destination endpoint are indefinite, and Many of the state is to connect client requests synchronization. 


Next, check the TCP packets, we can check them out in Summary and Graphic as follows:

In the TCP packets information, we found has sent TCP synchronization packet, and the TCP FIN packets and TCP Reset packets are, this is deviant in the network.

Please go to the Colasoft Official FAQ page for more "How-tos"

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How to Track BitTorrent User in Network with Colasoft Packet Sniffer

BitTorrent Consumes Big Bandwidth

Based on the working principle of BitTorrent protocol, if somebody is downloading big files with BitTorrent software, it will be a disaster for other users who need bandwidth for business operations as the user will consume large amount of bandwidth, thus causing long time network slowness, intermittence, even disconnections; because meantime the user downloading files from others, others are downloading files from him.

So it is necessary for IT administrators to track BitTorrent user at first place to regain network bandwidth for business operations. Blocking BitTorrent protocol can be one way; this article is to discuss how to track BitTorrent user with Colasoft Packet Sniffer.

How to Track BitTorrent User?

>Step1. Download a free trial and implement it correctly

>Step2. Launch a project and start capturing data

>Step3. Find BitTorrent Protocol in the "Protocols" Tab

Track BitTorrent User Screenshot 1

>Setp4. Locate BitTorrent Protocol in the "Explorer"

Use the "Locate" function to locate BitTorrent protocol in the "Explorer" to analyze dedicated data.

Track BitTorrent User Screenshot 2

>Step5. Track BitTorrent User in LAN in the "Endpoint" Tab

This is the way how to track the BitTorrent user in our network and who are connected with him. There is a lot more we can see from this tab, such as how much data has been downloaded and uploaded via BitTorrent protocol.

Track BitTorrent User Screenshot 3

View how many connections have been built in "Matrix"

You’ll be shocked to see how many connections have been built in the "Matrix" Tab. In this case, we can see this user has built more than 1000 connections with other hosts.

Track BitTorrent User Screenshot 4

About BitTorrent

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol used for distributing large amounts of data. BitTorrent is one of the most common protocols for transferring large files.

The protocol works when a file provider initially makes his/her file (or group of files) available to the network. This is called a seed and allows others, named peers, to connect and download the file. Each peer that downloads a part of the data makes it available to other peers to download. After the file is successfully downloaded by a peer, many continue to make the data available, becoming additional seeds. This distributed nature of BitTorrent leads to a viral spreading of a file throughout peers. As more peers join the swarm, the likelihood of a successful download increases. Relative to standard Internet hosting, this provides a significant reduction in the original distributor's hardware and bandwidth resource costs. It also provides redundancy against system problems and reduces dependence on the original distributor.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

How to Monitor MSN Chat with Free Unipeek MSN Monitor

For some purposes we want to monitor MSN chat around the network, for example, parents want to monitor MSN chat of their kids to ensure their safety; bosses want to monitor MSN chat of employees for company assets security and to improve work efficiency by minimizing none-business chat during working hours. You may still remember Colasoft MSN Monitor, now it is called Unipeek MSN Monitor and it is distributed completely Free for none commercial users.

Now let’s see how we can monitor MSN chat with Unipeek MSN Monitor, the free tool.

Step1. Download Unipeek MSN Monitor

Download Unipeek MSN Monitor, the free edition; from the website. As a matter of fact there is no function difference between Unipeek MSN Monitor the free edition and the commercial edition. The only difference is Unipeek MSN Monitor Free Edition only supports 10 MSN accounts maximum, but quite enough for family users.

Step2. Install and Deploy Unipeek MSN Monitor

The installation is quick and simple, just click “next” all the way to complete the installation. But the deployment is somewhat different. As Unipeek MSN Monitor is designed based on Colasoft’s packet capturing technology, so it has to be deployed properly like a packet sniffer if you want to monitor all MSN chat around the network. Of course, you don’t have to do it if you only want to monitor MSN chat of a single computer. To monitor multiple computers, you can install multiple copies.

How to Monitor MSN Chat Screenshot 1

Setp3. Run it and Start Monitor MSN Chat

After proper installation and deployment, we can start monitoring MSN chat right away.

How to Monitor MSN Chat Screenshot 2

About Unipeek MSN Monitor
Unipeek MSN Monitor (MSN sniffer) is Free MSN monitoring software for MSN chat monitoring and MSN message archiving. Based on Colasoft's packet analysis technology, Unipeek MSN Monitor is able to deliver the most accurate MSN monitoring statistics, and automatically record data for future reference. You need only install Unipeek MSN Monitor once to monitor all MSN chats over the local network.

Key Features include:

• Real-time and 24/7 MSN chat monitoring

• Automatically archive MSN messages for future reference

• Export messages of a custom time range

• Customize MSN account list to be monitored

• Unique Conversation Matrix showing account relations

• Support emotion icons, message font size and color.

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How to Monitor Emails with Colasoft Packet Sniffer

Some people may doubt if it is legal to monitor emails of employees with an email monitor software (aka. email spy or email checker), but this is not the topic of this article. We are going to discuss how we can monitor emails with some technical methods, especially how we can monitor emails with this packet sniffer – Colasoft Capsa.

Step 1. Still we need to download a free trial and deploy it correctly.

Step 2. Launch a project

If we have not set Capsa to save email logs to a local disk, we’ll not be able to monitor email contents but we can monitor all email logs. So we must set the log settings to save email logs to a local path in order to monitor email contents. Also there will be a notice when start a new project.

Monitor Email Screeshot1

Setp3. Set Email Logs Settings

View full image to set the email logs setting correctly.

Monitor Email Screenshot2 - Click to view Large

Advanced Email logs settings to split email logs and keep the most recent email logs to save disk space.

Monitor Email Screeshot3

Step 4. Start Capturing and Monitoring Emails in “Logs” Tab

After email log settings is finished, we can do a test to see if we can get some email monitoring logs. Let’s launch Outlook and start sending and receiving emails. We can see that we’ve received many spam email in my email box. We can see a lot of information in the logs Tab, such as date and time, client name, email subject, sender and receiver name, size, and more.

Monitor Emails Screeshot - Click to View Large

Step 5. Monitor Email Contents

In order to view the original content of an email, the process is quite simple, just double-click on the logs, then Capsa will call an email software to display the email content, basically Outlook.

Monitor Email Screeshot5 - Click to View Large

Now this is the entire process how we can monitor emails with Colasoft Capsa, we hope you enjoy this article.

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